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Pointers About Garage Doors or Openers

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Pointers About Garage Doors or Openers

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Change your opener code on a frequent basis

This is a tip for those who do not have an opener with rolling code technology. According to our experts, this is one of the most important safety precautions you can take. Your owner's manual should provide you with clear instructions for how to change the code. By doing this on a regular basis, you're keeping one step ahead of any would-be intruders who were planning on hijacking your code.

Keeping your garage insulated

An insulated garage door is a great way of conserving energy, i.e. lowering your electricity bill. It would be easier to achieve and maintain the desired temperature inside your entire home when your garage is properly insulated. You should occasionally check on the door's weatherstripping to make sure that they stationed properly. They can prevent cold/heat from seeping in/escaping from your garage.

Get steel doors with faux-wood finishes

With a molded wood-grain fiberglass surface, for example, your garage doors will look like wood and will also feel like wood, but it will be made of steel mostly. You'll enjoy the beauty of wood without the maintenance that usually goes along with it. It will also be cheaper than wood panels.

Test your opener's safety reverse system

Your garage door opener must be tested at least once a month. Our experts suggest that its reverse mechanism should be tested by placing an object of a large enough size, say a cardboard box, in the door's path. If your door tries to close on the object rather than go into reverse the moment it touches it, then you should immediately seek out professional assistance.

Your safety comes first

The main reason repairs and maintenance are both important is that garage doors are extremely heavy and some of their parts can be extremely dangerous when they malfunction. Routine maintenance can help you avoid many unexpected problems, but you should always seek out professional assistance whenever you discover an issue. Remeber - never attempt to handle a problem by yourself.


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